Wolf Parade
Montréal, QUE
Indie Rock
Performing: Friday, July 8 at 5:00 pm on Hy-Vee Main Stage
A hypothetical scenario: a musician friend wants you to play a show. Easy enough. The catch is, you don’t have a band; you must recruit members to write and produce a set worth of material, and you only have three weeks.The likely outcome of this scenario is, of course, that you end up collaborating with three other outstanding musicians, get signed to the legendary Sub Pop label and produce three of the most acclaimed post-rock indie albums of the last decade. At least, that was the outcome for Wolf Parade.

The Montreal four-piece featuring Spencer Krug, Sam Boeckner, Arlen Thompson and Dante DeCaro has defied convention by being able to weave their extraordinary differing talents together into a sum greater than their parts. One minute you’re resting in the folk scrubbed vulnerability of Boeckner’s melodies, and the next, Krug invites you to participate in the soundtrack to a never-ending interdimensional pinball game; flashing, bouncing, ricochets between star systems and alien worlds. But it all blends perfectly behind their able hands, and the hands of Thompson’s jangly cadence and DeCaro’s clinking synthesizer and multi-instrumental prowess.

After releasing 2010’s Expo 86, the band took an indefinite hiatus to pursue their own interests and projects including Boeckner’s 80/35 alum project Handsome Furs. They announced this January that they would not only begin playing shows again, but would also be returning to the studio to create more genre-bending rock for the benefit of the world’s ears, and the ears of those lucky to catch them at this year’s 80/35.

- Written by Chris Lachky