The Dead Line String Band
Des Moines
Performing: Saturday, July 9 at 2:00 pm on Nationwide Stage
The Dead Line String Band are a bluegrass band. They love The Grateful Dead, banjos and stand-up bass, playing music and having a good time. I feel like those two sentences have made up a lot of people’s minds one way or the other on this band, but let me continue. Because they aren’t just a jam-grass band, they’re a group of gifted musicians who know how to play and perform and who generally don’t play the same show more than once.

Formed in Des Moines, Dead Line String Band played their first show on April 20, 2015 and have been performing around the Central Iowa area likely as prolifically as any band in the area. They were invited to the Summer Camp stop at Wooly’s and have played with bands like Digg and Gypsy Moon. 80/35 has always had a spot for jam-grass, so come watch these guys pick and maybe you’ll grin.

- Written by Dave Murphy. Dave has written lots of places, and may write for you if you ask nicely. Follow Dave at @helloimdave.