Waterloo, IA
Rock/Indie Pop
Performing: Saturday, July 9 at 5:00 pm on Nationwide Stage
You may know Dylan Sires & Neighbors, so what is SIRES? Some new side group? A solo project for Dylan Sires? Actually, it's the same band, with a new name to go with a more focused sound.

Childhood friends Sires, Ross Klemz and Graham Howland have been playing together since they were kids, developing a natural flow and sound that can only come with time. Their music has taken them on tour to Japan and let them play huge shows near their hometown of Waterloo, like the 2015 Gentlemen of the Road Stopover.

SIRES will shortly release its third album, “Soul for Sale,” showcasing their work with producer Brandon Darner. Meet them again (for the first time) at this year’s 80/35.

- Written by Joe Lawler. Joe used to write about music for the Des Moines Register. Now he sometimes writes about music at Live Local Man.