Ravyn Lenae
Performing: Saturday, July 9 at 1:45 pm on Kum & Go Stage
The first time Ravyn Lenae played a show outside of her hometown of Chicago, it was in Iowa. The soulful singer isn't jetting around the world just yet (Lenae is only 17), but she'll be making a return visit this summer to perform at the 80/35 music festival.

Lenae is tied in with Chi-town's Zero Fatigue crew, a trio of hip hop visionaries who can't even buy a beer yet. Zero Fatigue's Monte Booker produced Lenae's debut EP, Moon Shoes, which has been racking up Soundcloud plays since last fall. Lenae just might be the next Erykah Badu, so catch her while you have a chance.

- Written by Joe Lawler. Joe used to write about music for the Des Moines Register. Now he sometimes writes about music at Live Local Man.