Des Moines
Hip Hop
Performing: Friday, July 8 at 7:00 pm on Nationwide Stage
What happens when you move to a new city and find that the art that you want to consume and create is sorely under-represented by the local music scene? Well, you build your own damn scene. That’s what MarKaus has done with his label (Media Fresh Entertainment) and his debut album (2015’s White Man’s Burden). That’s not to say that Des Moines’ hip hop scene is non-existent, but the more voices that enter the collective conscious, the better.

A Kansas City transplant, MarKaus is not just challenging the music scene, but the societal mis-deeds and political climate most of us see every day. Speaking truth to power is not new in the world of hip hop, but MarKaus does it with a certain aplomb that only comes with supreme confidence. Not with the swagger of a champagne room denizen, but with the bravado of an underdog who knows he’ll break things open through the sheer will of his ability and the eagerness with which the words are bubbling with pressure to be released. Come check him out this year at 80/35.

- Written by Chris Lachky