Des Moines
Midwest Disco
Performing: Saturday, July 9 at 7:00 pm on Nationwide Stage
MAIDS make pretty music you can dance to. It’s happy pop. It’s music that makes you feel good whether in a dark venue under the flashing lights or in the middle of downtown Des Moines on a warm summer evening. MAIDS mix of stunning vocals and electronic handiwork just brings out smiles.

With vocals from Danny Heggen and production from Mickey Davis, MAIDS have been a staple of the Des Moines music scene for years, including a previous appearance at 80/35. After a Midwest tour and successful release of multiple singles and music videos, MAIDS first full-length album is due out later this year. So expect new music, but also expect people dancing, people loving and people smiling. Because that’s what MAIDS does.

- Written by Dave Murphy. Dave has written lots of places, and may write for you if you ask nicely. Follow Dave at @helloimdave.