Holy White Hounds
Des Moines
Alt Rock
Performing: Friday, July 8 at 8:15 pm on Nationwide Stage
Don't spend too long trying to categorize Des Moines’ Holy White Hounds. There’s a through-line that can be drawn from singer-guitarist Brenton Dean and bassist Ambrose Lupercal’s surf poppy first band, The Dig Angees,to Dean’s blues rock La Strange to the four-headed beast that is Holy White Hounds. They rock. Rock band? Sure, but a Hounds show is more about the act of rocking.

Holy White Hounds recently signed with Razor & Tie, which will re-release the band’s debut “Sparkle Sparkle” in May. They spent March and April touring with legendary UK act The Cult. Frontman Dean has been giving the nation a taste of the swagger he conquered Des Moines with. It would sound like bragging if they weren't so damn good.

- Written by Joe Lawler. Joe used to write about music for the Des Moines Register. Now he sometimes writes about music at Live Local Man.