Green Death
Des Moines
Thrash Metal
Performing: Saturday, July 9 at 8:15 pm on Nationwide Stage
Des Moines has seen its fair share of metal acts over the years, and there’s one that put our fair city on the musical map (you know their name). But for the last few years, Green Death has been the new, skull-faced, Cthulhu-loving standard-bearer for Des Moines metal.

“A thrash metal band at an indie/hip-hop/jam festival?” you may be asking. Well, 80/35 has always been about showcasing the diverse sounds of Des Moines and the city’s biggest and best acts. There’s no denying that Green Death has earned a spot in the 80/35 lineup. Hell, they’ve commanded it.

2016 is a big year of Green Death. In January the band signed with Megadeth co-founder David Ellefson’s EMP label, which recently re-released the band’s “Manufacturing Evil” LP. In April they're on the road with Hatchet and Black Fast, and in July Green Death will play one of its biggest Des Moines shows to date at 80/35. Get ready to bang your head.

- Written by Joe Lawler. Joe used to write about music for the Des Moines Register. Now he sometimes writes about music at Live Local Man.