Chicago, IL
Performing: Saturday, July 9 at 12:45 pm on Kum & Go Stage
Genome is a hard one to define. Jam music has been intermingling with electronic music for some time now, but Genome takes that to a different level. They’re a six-piece, instrumental band who play around with so many sounds, that I’m honestly at a loss. I mean, I could mention their affinity for jazz and horns, or their layered synths or their nimble dance between so many different genres. But Genome is one that just needs to be experienced rather than read about.

Hailing from Chicago, Genome’s unique and unmistakable brand of jam has taken them all over the country, earning fans of people who want to dance and sway and just be taken in by the music. Their second album, “Genome,” was released in February of this year, so for an impossible to define experience, grab a copy at 80/35 and be ready to shed preconceived labels.

- Written by Dave Murphy. Dave has written lots of places, and may write for you if you ask nicely. Follow Dave at @helloimdave.