Easy Fruit
Des Moines
Indie Rock
Performing: Saturday, July 9 at 1:00 pm on Nationwide Stage
“We’re a fu**ing Rock and Roll band from Des Moines, IA.” Thus begins the Easy Fruit story. And, really, with an introduction like that, how much more do you need to know? Their no-nonsense sound is as indicative as their self-description; the act of plugging in, cranking up, and stomping on a fuzz pedal comes as natural to them as cracking a beer.

Brad (guitar/vox), Tom (guitar/vox), Cory (bass), and Chris (drums) have been supplying the ears of Des Moines with no-nonsense distortion since 2014, and show no signs of stopping, with an EP already out and a full-length LP currently in the works. So if your idea of a fancy night out includes a t-shirt, a jean jacket, and a tall boy of PBR, then be sure to check out Easy Fruit at this year’s 80/35.

- Written by Chris Lachky.