Des Moines
Metal/Hard Rock/Psychedelic
Performing: Saturday, July 9 at 1:30 pm on Hy-Vee Main Stage
If I were to describe the pedigree of this band as “a three-piece rock band featuring members of folk-pop groups like Extravision and The River Monks,” you’re probably going to get a specific idea in your head of what they might sound like. Forget it. Druids are face-melting metal, big on riffs and destructive vocals. Think less River Monks and more River of Death. There are no multi-part harmonies. Just shredding, man. So. Much. Shredding.

Druids feature the Rauch brothers, Luke and Drew on guitar/vocals and bass and Keith Rich on drums. While the names might be familiar to a lot of people in the Iowa scene, Druids are something different for 80/35. Fast and melodious guitars. Gravelly, throat-destructing vocals. And oh the instrumental breaks. Coming off a Midwest tour, Druids new album, “Cycles of Mobeum,” will be out in early June, so they’ll be battle tested and with new music. It’s summer in Des Moines, you’re probably going to get a sunburn. May as well just go get your face melted clean off.

- Written by Dave Murphy. Dave has written lots of places, and may write for you if you ask nicely. Follow Dave at @helloimdave.