DJ RAJ and Strobe Trotters
Des Moines
Performing: Saturday, July 9 at 10:30 pm on Kum & Go Stage
Dj RAJ is absolutely no stranger to the DJ community in Iowa and beyond. He has been hustling for years, with his own roots going back well into the '90s nightclub scene. He remains ever growing, expanding and consistently leaving his mark in a multitude of microcosms within the more general dance music community at large.

Known for his long running Ibiza series, Barkandi, Eargasm, Dubstep Invasion Taboo, Concrete Jungle and Shock Therapy, the more recent Iowa loves Bollywood Series , as well as several other nights about town. And let's not forget his influential Des Moines based production crew Eclipse Ent. Fan Page/Ibiza/Eargasm and that not so little detail of being a Co-Owner of the Midwest renowned and continually evolving 515 Alive Music Festival, Bushwack Festival, Kosmos Camping Festival, Bohemian Block Party, New Manifest Concerts.