Colleen Green
Los Angeles, CA
Indie Pop/Garage Rock
Performing: Saturday, July 9 at 5:45 pm on Kum & Go Stage
Bubble gum vocals. Garage guitars. Album titles that pay tribute to The Descendants. Los Angeles’s Colleen Green has somehow managed to package the melodic bliss of SoCal with the existential crisis of suburbia. With simple chords, laid back vocals and grungy production, Green’s music can trick people into thinking it’s something it’s not. It is not rock and roll for the sake of rock and roll, it is rock and roll with something to say. Her music is a reflection on life, love and growing up.

Green’s most recent album, “I Want to Grow Up,” was recorded with members of JEFF the Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet. It has received rave reviews including Pitchfork, Spin and The New York Times, of all places. Her live shows are often just her, a rhythm machine and a guitar. She’s a captivating study of confidence in the face of neuroses. I’ll go on a limb and say this set may be the one everyone is talking about after 80/35 is over.

- Written by Dave Murphy. Dave has written lots of places, and may write for you if you ask nicely. Follow Dave at @helloimdave.